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Come on over for drinks on the front porch! I can't wait to hear if you're looking for your first starter home or your forever home!

Until then, scroll below for more info to get you started! 




First things first, do you have a lender? I work closely with a few if not. Let's get you connected and set a budget!


Pull up a chair, it's time for us to get together now that a budget is set. I wanta hear what your next home looks like! Do you need extra yard space to garden? Or maybe you need an extra room for a nursery? I can't wait to hear what you need for your next home! 



Now for the fun part! I'll get a search set up for you. Once you see a home you love, we schedule an appointment and then go see it. 

I can't wait to work together!

Thanks for submitting!

Fill out the contact form below. I will be in touch asap to set up iced coffee! 

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